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Animation and motion design
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Our company has a fast, creative solution to everything.
Since 2007 we have been dominant player in the Hungarian market as an integrated digital production company. Beside the production of image film and event film, we cover the entire digital spectrum. From television and online broadcasts, animation and graphic design, to web development, our professional team has a creative solution for everything.

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Film Production

(Event, Corporate, PR and Image Film)
We use advanced techniques and high quality to make our image films. From scriptwriting to storyboard to recording and finally to post-production, we provide full service. We also produce event films for well-known brands and successful companies. Could be a conference, corporate day, team building, concert or sporting event, our company records and archive any event. Archived materials are stored on demand for as long as possible. We also make television productions from the recordings on demand.

Domestic and foreign online broadcasting

We have the right technical background to broadcast live events on a large scale. We provide streaming to any interface that is already available on Youtube and Facebook Live. We work with an experienced professional staff, a relocated studio or a broadcast carriage, broadcasting equipment to provide the highest quality. We also provide on-site editing as required, or undertake film production of broadcasts within 2 days of the event.






Animation and motion design

There is no limitation of our creative team. It could be two or three-dimensional, simple or complex animation, we are at home in many solution. Our goal is to always enrich our clients’ brief with new ideas and visuals. One of our premium services is video mapping, which gives us a very special experience at events.

Providing photography, photo studio and sound studio

We provide professional photography staff, technical equipment for product, portrait and event photography. We have a well-equipped sound studio where you can sync movies, mix music, post-production, narrate movies, and make radio spots.

Graphic Design

The creative team of our company is experienced in branding, refreshing existing brands, websites, applications, 3d modelling, advertising materials, brochures, newsletters, offline designs.


Challenges are driving us, so there is no demand that we cannot provide. Whether it is developing an application, website, webshop or booking system. We also provide professional support in SEO to help our clients get the most out of their business.